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Watertown Film and Discussion on Media and Education

The Power Of Media Deception

Demand Evidence   Picture 1     Think Critically

Sunday, March 22nd, 2pm

Watertown Public Library

An Eye-Opening Documentary Exposing The Manipulation Of Public Perception By The Media & The Education System.

  • Have you ever questioned what passes for reporting by the corporate media in creating support for more war, more surveillance, more militarization and the continued erosion of our civil rights & liberties through acts like the NDAA, a law that was quietly passed in 2012 legalizing the use of domestic propaganda & giving the government the right to imprison US citizens indefinitely without charge?  
  • Does the lack of truthful coverage on vital issues such as fracking, chemtrails, vaccine fraud,  GMO’s & poisoning of our water supply concern you? 
  • Did you know that the Supreme Court has held that the media have no affirmative duty to tell the truth & can fire reporters who refuse to lie?  Or that 90% of the media are now owned by 6 corporations with interlocking directorships?  
  • Have you ever questioned the repetitive news blips that have replaced real investigative reporting? Or the changes in the education system that replace critical thinking skills with unquestioning acceptance of pre-packaged data?
  • To find out more, please attend this important compilation of short films showing the methods & filters used to control what the American public hears, sees and believes. 

Following the film will be a short discussion on the topics presented.

Date & Location

Sunday, March 22nd, 2pm

Watertown Public Library

123 Main St., Watertown, first floor

Free admission.  Free parking at the rear of the library.  Located on bus routes 70, 71 and 57.

Presented by Boston 911 Truth.

A Spiritual Issue Not To Be Silent About 9/11

Originally published at The Profile by Susan Dugan, Jan. 2015 Issue

Image of Fran Shure

Right after 9/11, I remember talking to my women’s group and saying I just don’t think this could have happened without someone knowing about it and allowing it to,” says Fran Shure. “It was totally intuitive, because I knew nothing. And that was received with a lot of censoring remarks. I just looked at them and said, you know, I have the right to think the unthinkable and I’m going to look into this. And lo and behold, a video came my way and then a book and I was in shock, like most people would be, reading about evidence that showed we were not told the truth about what happened on 9/11.”

A retired psychotherapist and landscape designer who successfully juggled both professions for 30 years, Shure grew up in Texas and has spent most of her life in Colorado. The many causes she has championed include working for a freeze on nuclear weapons, the anti-globalization movement, and recently, the Colorado Community Rights Amendment allowing communities to exclude heavy industry (such as fracking) from their communities, due to deep concerns about fracking’s largely untested consequences for the environment. Initial doubts about what really happened on 9/11 and her subsequent inquiry ultimately spurred a kind of spiritual metamorphosis that continues to this day.

FRAN SHURE WAS IMMEDIATELY SKEPTICAL THE ATTACKS OF SEPT. 11, 2001 could have taken place without some sort of advance knowledge. After studying extensive written and video evidence, she is convinced that an objective scientific investigation was never initiated. 

The book she refers to was The War on Freedom by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed. After reading it several times, she sent a summary to her Representative Diana DeGette and met with the congresswoman’s executive director. “He took me very seriously, and that got me on a roll,” Shure says. She eventually co-founded a local group, Colorado 9/11 Truth, dedicated to educating the public about evidence indicating the official story is not the whole truth, or perhaps even close to it. Colorado 9/11 Truth members have worked to bring this evidence to the public through documentary premieres, monthly meetings in Denver and Boulder, and persuading local media to broadcast and stream important content, among many other efforts.

“Looking at it, we have two theories,” Shure says. “The term ‘conspiracy’ is defined as a secret plan by two or more people to do something that’s illegal or harmful. So for 9/11, we have basically two conspiracy theories about what happened on that day: the official conspiracy theory, that 19 Muslims (members of Al Qaeda and directed by Osama bin Laden) caught our military off guard and attacked us. We were told they did this because they ‘hate our freedoms.’ The second conspiracy theory has two branches of thought. The first branch believes elements within our government knew the attacks were going to happen and allowed them. The second believes the 19 Muslims may have indeed planned the attacks but were ‘patsies,’ and that elements within our government actually orchestrated the attacks. Both branches believe the motivation by these forces within our government was to provide a pretext for going to war in the Middle East for oil and other resources. You have to look in a scientific way at these theories and ask: which one does the evidence support?”

Evidence that convinced Shure and others begins with an air defense failure. “According to Air Force manuals, any time an airplane goes off course or communication is lost the FAA automatically informs NORAD; within 10 minutes a plane has left and is usually on the tail of such a plane to see what’s wrong. It also takes only a couple of seconds to press a hijack code; none of the pilots of the four planes did. Those were the first things that caught my attention.”

She also found evidence of an “intelligence failure.” “For example, there were some FBI agents doing their best to get to Attorney General John Ashcroft to tell him they knew an attack was going to happen, the date, and almost the precise time, but he would not answer their telephone calls. So they went to David Shippers (chief counsel during the congressional probe of Bill Clinton; he was also working with and had many contacts within the FBI). Shippers also tried his best to reach Ashcroft, but Ashcroft would not return his phone calls. So these are all big red flags.”

In 2004 Shure learned of evidence that the Twin Towers came down at near “free fall” acceleration. “And then there was Building 7 that came down exactly at free fall and common sense physics tells you no object can drop at free fall without the material holding it up having been removed prior to the falling,” she says. “For me, that was the big shock. I thought – oh, now I see it wasn’t just someone allowing this to happen, there was orchestration. And further research validated that for me.” Much of this further research is presented in the documentary 9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out, which interviews prominent architects and engineers as well as Shure and other psychology professionals. The film is particularly focused on discrepancies between the official story and footage/eyewitness evidence of the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7.

Prompted by her initial doubts, Shure listened carefully to people’s first reactions upon hearing the evidence she presented that contradicts the official version of what happened that day. These spontaneous responses, along with her deep psychological grounding, form the backbone of her extensive article, Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?, which she has been urged to publish as a book. “There’s a kind of energy and extreme honesty in those immediate responses,” says Shure.

Common theme? “Fear,” Shure says. “Fear that I better not go there – because if I believed that, I would be ostracized by my family and friends. A lot of it is really fear of having one’s world turned upside down. As Americans we believe we are from an essentially good nation and our government would never do things governments in lesser countries would. And so to challenge that belief is to challenge our identity. We have what’s called a ‘sacred mythology’ that explains who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. Our sacred myth concerning 9/11 is that we were caught off guard by 19 Muslims who attacked us, but we rose to the challenge to rid the world of terrorists, and this is why we now have an unending global ‘War on Terror.’ It is up to each of us to study the evidence on both sides of this issue to see if we believe this sacred myth, or not.

“As a result of 9/11,” Shure says, “we have a war on terror that will not end in our lifetime … over a million people killed in Iraq, millions maimed, and all these refugees. For me it is a spiritual issue not to be silent. I’ve learned that human fear is something one has to face until we’re enlightened. One of the ways for me to grow spiritually is to not let fear run my life. That made it relatively easy to face the fear, the darkness, and proceed.”

So what really happened and what was the government trying to accomplish? “We’re not claiming to know,” Shure says. “We’re saying, look, we need to get to the truth because we’re wreaking havoc on the whole world. Any investigation needs to look at who’s benefiting, but we haven’t had a real investigation. Even the chairs of the 9/11 Commission said they were set up to fail. They could not get people like Bush and Cheney to talk under oath, NORAD would not give them the truth about the air defense failures, and a full quarter of the footnotes in the 9/11 Report was information that came from people who were severely tortured. The 9/11 commissioners could not interview the detainees nor could they interview the interviewers of the detainees.”

In response to a prevailing perception that those questioning the government’s story on 9/11 are lunatic-fringe “conspiracy theorists,” Shure cites a recently published book by Florida State University Professor Lance deHaven Smith, Conspiracy Theory in America, which contends that the very term ‘conspiracy theory’ was introduced by the CIA into the media worldwide around 1967 as a derogatory term to discredit anyone not believing the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of JFK.

“At that time there were a lot of prominent people saying, this does not make sense,” says Shure. “The CIA conducted a psychological operation and took talking points such as, ‘how could they believe such a silly thing,’ ‘someone would have talked,’ and ‘the government is much too incompetent to pull something like this off.’ This wound up being a highly successful campaign to discredit anyone, any time, who questions what the government tells us. Now we’re immediately labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ to stop all conversation.”

Shure admits that she, too, was affected by this attitude earlier in her life, and she remains empathetic with the difficulty people have considering the evidence about 9/11 for themselves. “I truly believe those of us who are in the 9/11 Truth movement have had our own moments of denial in order to avoid the anger, fear, grief, and sleepless nights. What I’m writing about are very human responses and we need to have compassion for ourselves and others. Sometimes people just carry too much inside to be able to listen. We need to proceed along and find people who have the fortitude to receive this information and go through their own transformation.”

Finding such people could be a very slow process, but this may actually be important to its success. “It’s natural and probably good the information slowly finds its way into the public eye. Because I think it’s such a shock to receive this. To be shown that the evidence tends to point to people who are supposed to be our protectors. From psychology we know that is very damaging to one’s whole belief about how the world is supposed to work.”

In the end, Shure believes looking at the evidence, and facing the fear that what we believe happened on 9/11 might be wrong, offers enormous potential for personal and collective healing. “As a psychotherapist I know you don’t heal old traumas until you can face and feel the truth. I cannot see how it would be any different on the collective level. By letting ourselves open up to a challenging experience and go through the process that takes us to the other side of the darkness and the fear, we become much more mature human beings and a much more mature country.”

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Boston Premier of Foster Gamble’s amazing film

Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

Sunday, January 4th



123 Main St., Watertown, MA

Free Admission, Free Parking.

In a few days the U.S. will commemorate the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Unfortunately Washington and both parties refuse to tell the American people the full story of what happen on that day.

As reported, former Texas Republican Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul announced a campaign to raise support for House Resolution 428 which seeks to declassify 28 pages of the Senate report on the attacks of September 11, 2001.

According to Tapper’s report, 9/11 family members say President Obama personally promised he would declassify those 28 pages, but now they say the White House does not even acknowledge them, or their requests.

Immediately after Tapper’s report aired, the National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden issued this response:

“Earlier this summer the White House requested that ODNI review the 28 pages from the joint inquiry for declassification. ODNI is currently coordinating the required interagency review and it is ongoing.”

Has the campaign to declassify the 28-pages gained any real traction? Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) is sponsoring a bill, H. Res 428 along with Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Steve Lynch (D-Mass.) in a bi-partisan attempt to release these documents. Unfortunately the resolution only has 10 sponsors so far.

“I do not think a nation like America will remain strong if the nation does not demand the truth,” said Rep. Walter Jones in a press conference earlier this year.

A grassroots organization has launched to raise awareness of the documents and encourages other Congressmen to co-sponsor H. Res 428.

Boston connections to 9/11

With the growing push in Congress to declassify 28 pages purportedly relating to alleged foreign state sponsorship of 9/11, now is a good time to recall and bring back discussion about the possible Massachusetts connection to such financing, as revealed in 2002 by whistleblower Indira Singh and subsequently investigated by WBZ’s former I-Team reporter, Joe Bergantino.

Please follow the below links regarding Quincy MA’s foreign-financed PTech, a small software startup company that had gained intimate access to our aviation and national defense systems in the years leading up to 9/11.

This company’s novel software had been funded by a suspected Saudi terror financier named Yasin al-Qadi. Some 9/11 researchers have speculated that PTech also had a Mossad connection, however this particular speculation has not been specifically mentioned by those in Congress who have seen the 28 pages.

Those who have read the classified pages have not mentioned Ptech either. They have said only that the pages may “embarrass” the Bush/Cheney administration and damage our relationships with certain “foreign governments.” (note the plural.)

Due to Massachusetts’ various connections to the 9/11 attacks, which featured the only known government official to resign in their aftermath, we have a special responsibility to help Congressmen Stephen Lynch and Jim McGovern find other H.R.428 co-sponsors within the MA delegation. Please encourage folks to call their congressional reps and ask them to join Reps Lynch and McGovern in declassifying the 28 pages. President Obama should be required to keep his promise to the 9/11 families.

Best regards,


We meet up!

This Boston group meets every two weeks on a Thursday at 4:15 in Newton Center or Wednesday at 6:30 in Watertown. Email Chris Gruener chris.gruener at for details on where we are in that sequence. Over the past six months, or so, each meeting has seen about 8-12 people; we’d love more!

Generally we discuss 9-11 Truth action for the first hour and other more broad-scope material later. For example:

– what movie to show at our next event? (…which will be at the Watertown Library)

– how can we get more folks to show up to meetings and get involved?

– how can we better interface with the 9-11 movement in genral i.e. networking, online promo. and the coordinating efforts

– how would we put together a film series or book club that covers historical context; like ‘Deep State’ material or “The New Pearl Harbor” book




(thank you 9-11 .org !)


… An outline in simple talking points …

We are continuing to compile the best documentation links for every single point on this page, and intend to post the updated version as soon as possible, and create teaching tools and more from the info. This is a significant and time-consuming process–if you have useful links, please send them to janice[at]911truth[dot]org. Thanks for your help!
If you use the search function with title key words, you will discover that is home to articles backing virtually every point made below. Much of the basic research is available at the Complete 9/11 Timeline (hosted by, the 9/11 Reading Room (, and the NY Attorney General Spitzer petition and complaint ( For physical evidence discussion, see Point 7.


1) AWOL Chain of Command
a. It is well documented that the officials topping the chain of command for response to a domestic attack – George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers, Montague Winfield, Ralph Eberhart – all found reason to do something else during the actual attacks, other than assuming their duties as decision-makers.
b. Who was actually in charge? Dick Cheney, Richard Clarke, Norman Mineta and the 9/11 Commission directly conflict in their accounts of top-level response to the unfolding events, such that several (or all) of them must be lying.

2) Air Defense Failures
a. The US air defense system failed to follow standard procedures for responding to diverted passenger flights.
b. Timelines: The various responsible agencies – NORAD, FAA, Pentagon, USAF, as well as the 9/11 Commission – gave radically different explanations for the failure (in some cases upheld for years), such that several officials must have lied; but none were held accountable.
c. Was there an air defense standdown?

3) Pentagon Strike
How was it possible the Pentagon was hit 1 hour and 20 minutes after the attacks began? Why was there no response from Andrews Air Force Base, just 10 miles away and home to Air National Guard units charged with defending the skies above the nation”s capital? How did Hani Hanjour, a man who failed as a Cessna pilot on his first flight in a Boeing, execute a difficult aerobatic maneuver to strike the Pentagon? Why did the attack strike the just-renovated side, which was largely empty and opposite from the high command?

4) Wargames
a. US military and other authorities planned or actually rehearsed defensive response to all elements of the 9/11 scenario during the year prior to the attack – including multiple hijackings, suicide crashbombings, and a strike on the Pentagon.
b. The multiple military wargames planned long in advance and held on the morning of September 11th included scenarios of a domestic air crisis, a plane crashing into a government building, and a large-scale emergency in New York. If this was only an incredible series of coincidences, why did the official investigations avoid the issue? There is evidence that the wargames created confusion as to whether the unfolding events were “real world or exercise.” Did wargames serve as the cover for air defense sabotage, and/or the execution of an “inside job”?

5) Flight 93
Did the Shanksville crash occur at 10:06 (according to a seismic report) or 10:03 (according to the 9/11 Commission)? Does the Commission wish to hide what happened in the last three minutes of the flight, and if so, why? Was Flight 93 shot down, as indicated by the scattering of debris over a trail of several miles?


6) Did cell phones work at 30,000 feet in 2001? How many hijackings were attempted? How many flights were diverted?

7) Demolition Hypothesis
What caused the collapse of a third skyscraper, WTC 7, which was not hit by a plane? Were the Twin Towers and WTC 7 brought down by explosives? (See “The Case for Demolitions,” the websites and, and the influential article by physicist Steven Jones. See also items no. 16 and 24, below.)


8) What did officials know? How did they know it?
a. Multiple allied foreign agencies informed the US government of a coming attack in detail, including the manner and likely targets of the attack, the name of the operation (the “Big Wedding”), and the names of certain men later identified as being among the perpetrators.
b. Various individuals came into possession of specific advance knowledge, and some of them tried to warn the US prior to September 11th.
c. Certain prominent persons received warnings not to fly on the week or on the day of September 11th.

9) Able Danger, Plus – Surveillance of Alleged Hijackers
a. The men identified as the 9/11 ringleaders were under surveillance for years beforehand, on the suspicion they were terrorists, by a variety of US and allied authorities – including the CIA, the US military”s “Able Danger” program, the German authorities, Israeli intelligence and others.
b.Two of the alleged ringleaders who were known to be under surveillance by the CIA also lived with an FBI asset in San Diego, but this is supposed to be yet another coincidence.

10) Obstruction of FBI Investigations prior to 9/11
A group of FBI officials in New York systematically suppressed field investigations of potential terrorists that might have uncovered the alleged hijackers – as the Moussaoui case once again showed. The stories of Sibel Edmonds, Robert Wright, Coleen Rowley and Harry Samit, the “Phoenix Memo,” David Schippers, the 199i orders restricting investigations, the Bush administration”s order to back off the Bin Ladin family, the reaction to the “Bojinka” plot, and John O”Neil do not, when considered in sum, indicate mere incompetence, but high-level corruption and protection of criminal networks, including the network of the alleged 9/11 conspirators. (Nearly all of these examples were omitted from or relegated to fleeting footnotes in /11 Commission Report.)

11) Insider Trading
a. Unknown speculators allegedly used foreknowledge of the Sept. 11th events to profiteer on many markets internationally – including but not limited to “put options” placed to short-sell the two airlines, WTC tenants, and WTC re-insurance companies in Chicago and London. See Billions in Pre-911 Insider Trading Profits Leaves a Hot Trail and Criminal Insider Trading leads directly to CIA.
b. Initial reports on these trades, such as Profiting from Disaster and Suspicious Trading, were suppressed and forgotten, and only years later did the 9/11 Commission and SEC provide a partial, but untenable explanation for only a small number of transactions (covering only the airline put options through the Chicago Board of Exchange).
c. In addition, suspicious monetary transactions worth hundreds of millions were conducted through offices at the Twin Towers during the actual attacks. The German firm, Convar, recovered financial data from hard drives recovered from Ground Zero although the Commission published this FBI briefing on trading in which agents expressed a lack of knowledge and doubt about the data recovery long after the data was transmitted to the FBI.  Here is an update on Oh the places you go (when you follow the money).
d. See this interview with Bill Bergman who worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve for over 13 years as an economist and financial markets policy analyst. He was fired when he raised concerns about unusual currency transactions pre- 9-11.

12) Who were the perpetrators?
a. Much of the evidence establishing who did the crime is dubious and miraculous: bags full of incriminating material that happened to miss the flight or were left in a van; the “magic passport” of an alleged hijacker, found at Ground Zero; documents found at motels where the alleged perpetrators had stayed days and weeks before 9/11.
b. The identities of the alleged hijackers remain unresolved, there are contradictions in official accounts of their actions and travels, and there is evidence several of them had “doubles,” all of which is omitted from official investigations.
c. What happened to initial claims by the government that 50 people involved in the attacks had been identified, including the 19 alleged hijackers, with 10 still at large (suggesting that 20 had been apprehended)?,0,1825231.story
d. How did they enter the US? Where did they get their VISAS?

THE 9/11 COVER-UP, 2001-2006

13) Who Is Osama Bin Ladin?
a. Who judges which of the many conflicting and dubious statements and videos attributed to Osama Bin Ladin are genuine, and which are fake? The most important Osama Bin Ladin video (Nov. 2001), in which he supposedly confesses to masterminding 9/11, appears to be a fake. In any event, the State Department”s translation of it is fraudulent.
b. Did Osama Bin Ladin visit Dubai and meet a CIA agent in July 2001 (Le Figaro)? Was he receiving dialysis in a Pakistani military hospital on the night of September 10, 2001 (CBS)?
c. Whether by Bush or Clinton: Why is Osama always allowed to escape?
d. The terror network associated with Osama, known as the “base” (al-Qaeda), originated in the CIA-sponsored 1980s anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. When did this network stop serving as an asset to covert operations by US intelligence and allied agencies? What were its operatives doing in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechnya in the years prior to 9/11?

14) All the Signs of a Systematic 9/11 Cover-up
a. 911Truth.Org broke the story that Airplane black boxes were found at Ground Zero, according to two first responders and an unnamed NTSB official, but they were “disappeared” and their existence is denied in /11 Commission Report.
b. US officials consistently suppressed and destroyed evidence (like the tapes recorded by air traffic controllers who handled the New York flights). NEADS recordings damaged during transcription.
c. Whistleblowers (like Sibel Edmonds and Anthony Shaffer) were intimidated, gagged and sanctioned, sending a clear signal to others who might be thinking about speaking out.
d. Officials who “failed” (like Myers and Eberhard, as well as Frasca, Maltbie and Bowman of the FBI) were given promotions.

15) Poisoning New York
The White House deliberately pressured the EPA into giving false public assurances that the toxic air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe. This knowingly contributed to an as-yet unknown number of health cases and fatalities, and demonstrates that the administration does consider the lives of American citizens to be expendable on behalf of certain interests.

16) Disposing of the Crime Scene
The rapid and illegal scrapping of the WTC ruins at Ground Zero disposed of almost all of the structural steel indispensable to any investigation of the collapse mechanics. (See also item no. 23, below.)

17) Anthrax
Mailings of weapons-grade anthrax – which caused a practical suspension of the 9/11 investigations – were traced back to US military stock. Soon after the attacks began in October 2001, the FBI approved the destruction of the original samples of the Ames strain, disposing of perhaps the most important evidence in identifying the source of the pathogens used in the mailings. Were the anthrax attacks timed to coincide with the Afghanistan invasion? Why were the letters sent only to media figures and to the leaders of the opposition in the Senate (who had just raised objections to the USA PATRIOT Act)? Calls were issued to investigate the investigators.

18) The Stonewall
a. Colin Powell promised a “white paper” from the State Department to establish the authorship of the attacks by al-Qaeda. This was never forthcoming, and was instead replaced by a paper from Tony Blair, which presented only circumstantial evidence, with very few points actually relating to September 11th.
b. Bush and Cheney pressured the (freshly-anthraxed) leadership of the Congressional opposition into delaying the 9/11 investigation for months. The administration fought against the creation of an independent investigation for more than a year.
c. The White House thereupon attempted to appoint Henry Kissinger as the chief investigator, and acted to underfund and obstruct the 9/11 Commission.

19) A Record of Official Lies
a. “No one could have imagined planes into buildings” – a transparent falsehood upheld repeatedly by Rice, Rumsfeld and Bush.
b. “Iraq was connected to 9/11″ – The most “outrageous conspiracy theory” of all, with the most disastrous impact.
c. CIA misleads FBI about hijackers in US.

20) Pakistani Connection – Congressional Connection
a. The Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, creator of the Taliban and close ally to both the CIA and “al-Qaeda,” allegedly wired $100,000 to Mohamed Atta just prior to September 11th, reportedly through the ISI asset Omar Saeed Sheikh (later arrested for the killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was investigating ISI connections to “al-Qaeda.”)
b. This was ignored by the congressional 9/11 investigation, although the senator and congressman who ran the probe (Bob Graham and Porter Goss) were meeting with the ISI chief, Mahmud Ahmed, on Capitol Hill on the morning of September 11th.
c. About 25 percent of the report of the Congressional Joint Inquiry was redacted, including long passages regarding how the attack (or the network allegedly behind it) was financed. Graham later said foreign allies were involved in financing the alleged terror network, but that this would only come out in 30 years.

21) 9/11 Commission:
a. The September 11th families who fought for and gained an independent investigation (the 9/11 Commission) posed 400-plus questions, which the 9/11 Commission adopted as its roadmap. The vast majority of these questions were completely ignored in the Commission hearings and the final report.
b. The membership and staff of the 9/11 Commission displayed awesome conflicts of interest. The families called for the resignation of Executive Director Philip Zelikow, a Bush administration member and close associate of “star witness” Condoleezza Rice, and were snubbed. Commission member Max Cleland resigned, condemning the entire exercise as a “scam” and “whitewash.”
c./11 Commission Report is notable mainly for its contradictions, obvious omissions, distortions and outright falsehoods – ignoring anything incompatible with the official story, banishing the issues to footnotes, and even dismissing the still-unresolved question of who financed 9/11 as being “of little practical significance.”

22) Crown Witnesses Held at Undisclosed Locations
The alleged masterminds of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohamed (KSM) and Ramzi Binalshibh, are reported to have been captured in 2002 and 2003, although one Pakistani newspaper said KSM was killed in an attempted capture. They have been held at undisclosed locations and their supposed testimonies, as provided in transcript form by the government, form much of the basis for /11 Commission Report (although the Commission”s request to see them in person was denied). After holding them for years, why doesn”t the government produce these men and put them to trial?

23) Spitzer Redux
a. Eliot Spitzer, attorney general of New York State, snubbed pleas by New York citizens to open 9/11 as a criminal case (
b. Spitzer also refused to allow his employee, former 9/11 Commission staff member Dietrich Snell, to testify to the Congress about his (Snell”s) role in keeping “Able Danger” entirely out of /11 Commission Report.

24) NIST Omissions
After the destruction of the WTC structural steel, the official Twin Towers collapse investigation was left with almost no forensic evidence, and thus could only provide dubious computer models of ultimately unprovable hypotheses. It failed to even test for the possibility of explosives. (Why not clear this up?)

25) Radio Silence
The 9/11 Commission and NIST both allowed the continuing cover-up of how Motorola”s faulty radios, purchased by the Giuliani administration, caused firefighter deaths at the WTC – once again showing the expendability, even of the first responders.

26) The Legal Catch-22
a. Hush Money – Accepting victims” compensation barred September 11th families from pursuing discovery through litigation.
b. Judge Hellerstein – Those who refused compensation to pursue litigation and discovery had their cases consolidated under the same judge (and as a rule dismissed).

27) Saudi Connections
a. The 9/11 investigations made light of the “Bin Ladin Airlift” during the no-fly period, and ignored the long-standing Bush family business ties to the Bin Ladin family fortune. (A company in which both families held interests, the Carlyle Group, was holding its annual meeting on September 11th, with George Bush Sr., James Baker, and two brothers of Osama Bin Ladin in attendance.)
b. The issue of Ptech.

28) Media Blackout of Prominent Doubters
The official story has been questioned and many of the above points were raised by members of the US Congress, retired high-ranking officers of the US military, the three leading third-party candidates for President in the 2004 election, a member of the 9/11 Commission who resigned in protest, a former high-ranking adviser to the George W. Bush administration, former ministers to the German, British and Canadian governments, the commander-in-chief of the Russian air force, 100 luminaries who signed the “9/11 Truth Statement,” and the presidents of Iran and Venezuela. Not all of these people agree fully with each other, but all would normally be considered newsworthy. Why has the corporate-owned US mass media remained silent about these statements, granting due coverage only to the comments of actor Charlie Sheen?


29) “The Great Game”
The Afghanistan invasion was ready for Bush”s go-ahead on September 9, 2001, with US and UK force deployments to the region already in place or underway. This followed the failure earlier that year of backdoor diplomacy with the Taliban (including payments of $125 million in US government aid to Afghanistan), in an attempt to secure a unity government for that country as a prerequisite to a Central Asian pipeline deal.

30) The Need for a “New Pearl Harbor”
Principals in US foreign policy under the current Bush administration (including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle and others) have been instrumental in developing long-running plans for worldwide military hegemony, including an invasion of the Middle East, dating back to the Ford, Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations. They reiterated these plans in the late 1990s as members of the “Project for a New American Century,” and stated a clear intent to invade Iraq for the purpose of “regime change.” After 9/11, they lost no time in their attempt to tie Iraq to the attacks.

31) Perpetual “War on Terror”
9/11 is supposed to provide carte-blanche for an open-ended, global and perpetual “War on Terror,” against any enemy, foreign or domestic, that the executive branch chooses to designate, and regardless of whether evidence exists to actually connect these enemies to 9/11.

32) Attacking the Constitution
a. The USA PATRIOT Act was written before 9/11, Homeland Security and the “Shadow Government” were developed long before 9/11, and plans for rounding up dissidents as a means for suppressing civil disturbance have been in the works for decades.
b. 9/11 was used as the pretext to create a new, extra-constitutional executive authority to declare anyone an “enemy combatant” (including American citizens), to detain persons indefinitely without habeas corpus, and to “render” such persons to secret prisons where torture is practiced.

33) Legal Trillions
9/11 triggers a predictable shift of public spending to war, and boosts public and private spending in the “new” New Economy of “Homeland Security,” biometrics, universal surveillance, prisons, civil defense, secured enclaves, security,

34) Plundered Trillions?
On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced a “war on waste” after an internal audit found that the Pentagon was “missing” 2.3 trillion dollars in unaccounted assets. On September 11th, this was as good as forgotten.

35) Did 9/11 prevent a stock market crash?
Did anyone benefit from the destruction of the Securities and Exchange Commission offices at WTC 7, and the resultant crippling of hundreds of fraud investigations?

36) Resource Wars
a. What was discussed in the Energy Task Force meetings under Dick Cheney in 2001? Why is the documentation of these meetings still being suppressed?
b. Is Peak Oil a motive for 9/11 as inside job?

37) The “Little Game”
Why was the WTC privatized just before its destruction?


38) “Al-CIA-da?”
The longstanding relationship between US intelligence networks and radical Islamists, including the network surrounding Osama Bin Ladin. (See also point 13d.)

39) Historical Precedents for “Synthetic Terror”
a. In the past many states, including the US government, have sponsored attacks on their own people, fabricated the “cause for war,” created (and armed) their own enemies of convenience, and sacrificed their own citizens for “reasons of state.”
b.Was 9/11 an update of the Pentagon-approved “Project Northwoods” plan for conducting self-inflicted, false-flag terror attacks in the United States, and blaming them on a foreign enemy?

40) Secret Government
a. The record of criminality and sponsorship of coups around the world by the covert networks based within the US intelligence complex.
b. Specifically also: The evidence of crime by Bush administration principals and their associates, from October Surprise to Iran-Contra and the S&L plunder to PNAC, Enron/Halliburton and beyond.


Ground Zero aftermath movements:
– Justice for the air-poisoning cover-up (
– “Radio Silence” (
– Skyscraper Safety (

Election fraud and black box voting, 2000 to 2004. (

Lies to justify the invasion of Iraq. (

Use of depleted uranium and its multi-generational consequences on human health and the environment.

Longstanding development of contingency plans for civil disturbance and military rule in the USA (See, “The War at Home”)

Oklahoma City Truth movement. (Offline, but not forgotten – May 9, 2008!)

Whether you call it “Globalization” or “The New World Order” – An unsustainable system of permanent growth ultimately requires warfare, fraud, and mass manipulation.


“But an inside job would involve thousands of people! How could they keep a secret?” Counter-arguments, red herrings, speculations and false information.

Selected essays, books and websites that make the case for 9/11 as inside job. (See Resources)

Demanding a real investigation of the September crimes – Not just a patriotic duty, but a matter of survival.