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James Douglass Tour

Sept. 30 Portland, Maine
Oct. 1 Cambridge, Massachusetts
Oct. 1 Amherst, Massachusetts
Oct. 3 Londonderry, Vermont
Oct. 4 Hartford, Connecticut
Oct. 5 Worcester, Massachusetts
Oct. 6 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For more events see:

Cognitive Infiltration:
An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
by David Ray Griffin

The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies
by Gordon Duff
(CINCINNATI, Ohio) - In John Farmer’s book: “The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11”,
the author builds the inescapably convincing case that the official version... is almost entirely untrue...

From Amazon Books review: ..."The conclusion to be drawn is that the Commission's report is unreliable and, therefore, that we do not have the truth about 9/11. That this conclusion comes from the legal counsel to the Commission is compelling evidence that a new investigation is required."
Paul Craig Roberts

Truth and Justice Radio Show interview with David Ray Griffin Click Here for Recorded Show from Sunday, March 29, 8:30 AM

FealGood Foundation
GrearUp Foundation

An Evening with James Douglass author of JFK and the Unspeakable

Friday 7 pm, October 1st. (doors open at 6:30)-
Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church (1555 Mass. Ave.)

James Douglass, author of "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters", (2008), will be on a speaking tour in the New England area. James' book is perhaps the best and most important book ever written on the JFK assassination, and is superbly documented. James is a Catholic theologian, a co-founder of Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth (), and a lifelong antiwar and nuclear disarmament activist.

James presents motive and circumstantial evidence aplenty, all excellently and extensively documented, that the CIA and the Pentagon were the primary interest groups and executioners of JFK, the president who turned from cold warrior to peacemaker. Other heavy industrial interests are implicated as well. The same interest groups that executed this 1963 coup have formed the "deep politics" "shadow government" ever since, attacked the US on 9/11, and hold the US and the world hostage to this day. Hence, the topic of James' talk, "JFK, Obama, and the Unspeakable." Our country and the world is in basically the same situation today as it was in 1963, and the same interest groups (with larger representation today from international finance) hold the same "deep politic" power. Those who have eyes, let them see; those who have ears, let them hear.

James and his wife Shelley were co-founders of the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in 1977, inspired by opposition to the Trident Nuclear Submarine Base near Seattle, Wash.; and, of Mary’s House, a Catholic Worker hospitality house in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. 

Further Links:

Six lecture/presentations in New England, starting Thursday, Sept. 30th until Tuesday, Oct. 5th; concluding with a seventh in Philadelphia, Pa., on Wednesday, Oct. 6th:

September30   Portland, Maine
October 1 Cambridge, Massachusetts - Amherst, Massachusetts
October 3 Londonderry, Vermont
October 4 Hartford, Connecticut
October 5 Worcester, Massachusetts
October 6 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thursday eve., Sept. 30th at 7 pm, Jim Douglass will appear in Portland, Maine

Sacred Heart/St. Dominic Church
80 Sherman St., Portland, Me.

This event is co-sponsored by:
Sacred Heart/St. Dominic Peace & Social Justice Commission,
Maine Green Independent Party,
Peace Action Maine,
Pax Christi Maine

For more info, contact: Jon Olsen, (207)  549-7787 or, Bill Slavick (240) 599-9413

Friday eve., Oct. 1st at 7 pm, Jim Douglass will appear (near Boston)

Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church
1555 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, Ma

This event is co-sponsored by:
The Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth and Justice (
The Boston-Area Citizens for Informed Democracy
The Boston-Cambridge Alliance for Democracy
The Assassination Archives and Research Center
The Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

For more info, contact: Lenny Mather, (857) 523-9606

Saturday noon, Oct. 2nd (11 am), Jim Douglass will appear in western Mass. (near Amherst)

New England Peace Pagoda
100 Cave Rd. North Leverett, Ma.

This event is solely sponsored by:
The New England Peace Pagoda

For more info, contact: Elaine Kenseth, (413) 253-7609
see also for more on the Peace Pagoda venue event.

Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 2:30 pm, Jim Douglass will appear near Londonderry (in south central) Vermont

Weston Priory
58 Priory Hill Rd.
No. Weston, Vt.

This event is solely sponsored by:
The Weston Priory

For more info, call: Brother Richard, (802) 824-5409

Monday eve., Oct. 4th at 7 pm, Jim Douglass will appear near Hartford, Ct.

Central Conn. State Univ. (C.C.S.U.
Vance Academic Center (rm. 105)
New Britain, Ct.

This event is sponsored by:

Pax Educare, Inc.
Connecticut PEACE Consortium
West Hartford Citizens for Peace & Justice
Peace Studies Program at Central Conn. State Univ.

For more info, contact: Mary Lee Morrison, (860) 930-3182

Tuesday eve., Oct. 5th at 7 pm, Jim Douglass will appear in Worcester, Ma.

Worcester Public Library
Saxe Room (1st Floor)
3 Salem Sq.
Worcester, Mass.

This event is co-sponsored by:
St. Francis Therese Catholic Worker
Center for Non-Violent Solutions
For more info, contact: Claire and Scott Shaeffer-Duffy, (508) 753-3558

Wednesday eve., Oct 6th at 7 pm, Jim Douglass will appear in Philadelphia, Pa

Project H.O.M.E.
1515 Fairmont Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa.

This event is co-sponsored by:
Alternative Seminary
The Simple Way
Conspire Magazine
For more info, contact: Will O'Brien, (215) 842-1790 (hm.), (215) 232-7272 (wk.)

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Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by the Events of 9/11?

A Lecture by David Ray Griffin

9/11 Historian and Theologian David Ray Griffin speaks at the Harvard Epsworth Methodist Church in Cambridge, MA, 05/08/10

"Whereas it is widely recognized that the US-led war in Afghanistan is illegal under international law, because it was never authorized by the UN Security Council, most Americans have believe that it was morally justified as a response to the 9/11 attacks, and many believe it is still justified as a necessary means to prevent another attack originating from that region. My lecture will present evidence showing that both of these beliefs are untrue, so that the 9/11 Truth Movement and more traditional Peace and Anti-War groups should be able to combine forces to oppose this illegal and immoral war."

- David Ray Griffin


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Understanding Deep Politics Conference, 05-14-16

University Inn and Conference Center, Santa Cruz, CA

David Ray Griffin will make a west coast appearance at the Understanding Deep Politics Conference at the conclusion of his east coast tour.

Please join us for this historic conference.

For Complete Information See Our Website:
To Register Please Visit:
Conference Voice Mail: 707-672-4242

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Cindy Sheehan, Treason in America Conference, 03/06/10

Article: Sheehan turning attention to Obama, camping out at Washington Monument

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ABC News Attempts to Smear 9/11 Conference

At the recent 9/11 Truth Conference "Treason in America: 911, the Wars & Our Broken Constitution" ABC News showed up to cover the event. Their mission was to smear 9/11 truth by association with the recent news of the shooter John Bedell. In an ABC interview with Korey Rowe and Dylan Avery, the filmmakers of "9/11 Loose Change" take the ABC correspondent Chris Bury, to task for the Media's failures.

Worth noting is that Cindy Sheehan was an invited speaker, the famous "Peace Mom" who epitomizes the spirit of non-violence was there in solidarity with the Truth Seekers. Ms Sheehan was given a standing ovation as she outlined the many 9/11 events that occur each and every day as the wars take their deadly toll.

See more video and audio clips here

TV Media Info Wars Strikes At Valley Forge �9/11 Truth� Conference

"Burying" the Truth: Nightline Reporter Channels Bill O'Reilly and Does a Hatchet Job
"If Chris Bury and his ABC producer had attended the full two days of this conference, they would have failed to find one single call for violence in any of the presentations. They would have found just the opposite. Of course that would have conflicted with Nightline's sensationalist angle, stretching to connect the young troubled Pentagon shooter to calls for further investigation of 9-11. Their outrageous proposition was that anyone who asks questions about the momentously tragic event is dangerous." - Coleen Rowley

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Veterans For Peace Support New 9/11 Investigation

Veterans For Peace (VFP) is a national organization of anti-war veterans and supporters founded in 1985. VFP maintains a role as an official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) represented at the United Nations. Also see and

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Treason In America Conference

911 The Wars & Our Broken Constitution - March 6-7, 2010

Saturday, March 6 -7 2010
Valley Forge , PA
Convention Center

1160 First Avenue
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Conference Website

A two-day non-partisan truth conference with speakers, movie clips & music discussing our current state of affairs and how we got here. From 9/11, the "wars on terror" and the private, not public, Federal Reserve to the undermining of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights via Patriot Acts 1 & 2, to connecting the dots between different events that go unreported (or under-reported), as a whole, in our mainstream media. Calling on left & right truth-seekers to find common ground and work together to help revive our country! Come learn what many do not know, but what many are waking up to. Knowledge is power.

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Announcing the Understanding Deep Politics Conference

University Inn & Conference Center Santa Cruz, CA - May 14 - 16th, 2010

450x200 px

10 international intellectual leaders converge in one weekend in pursuit of truth and solutions.

With Speakers: Ellen Brown, Ian Crane, David Ray Griffin, Annie Machon, Jim Marrs, Cynthia McKinney, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips, Peter Dale Scott and Barrie Zwicker

Tired of endless wars, bank bailouts, corrupt politicians, unrelenting corporate power, loss of liberties, the healthcare crisis and the overall current malaise? Find out the how and whys of many of the current societal issues facing us and be part of new emerging solutions.

By now it's obvious that the changes we need cannot be voted in or out.
This compels us to create new alternatives.

Please join us for this historic conference.

For Complete Information See Our Website:
To Register Please Visit:
Promotional Web Banners:
To make donations:

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9/11 Truth: the Challenge to the Peace Movement

On September 13, 2009, Dr. Graeme MacQueen presented a speech in New York City titled, 9/11 Truth: the Challenge to the Peace Movement, at the conference, "We Demand Transparency! For Peace, Truth, and a New Economics. Part 1 of 4

Our real enemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us - Mike Prysner

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NYC CAN 9/11 Family Members Speak Out

This moving 50-second piece released by NYC Coalition for Accountability Now features 9/11 Family Members Jean Canavan, Bob McIlvaine and Manny Badillo asking the unanswered questions and calling upon all New Yorkers to "Vote For Answers."

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Audio for the David Ray Griffin Event at Boston University Now Available
Download or play audio here (length is 74:30)

WBZ Radio Interview - 12/14/2007
Listen to this archived in-studio interview, with Host Dan Rae who spoke with Bob Bowman, Richard Gage and Donna Marsh O'Connor, regarding their skepticism of the official 9/11 theory on December 14, 2007.
Download the (32mb) file directly here
Audio and Video of 2006 Tea Party
Full Audio of 2007 Conference at 426 Cafe
9/11 Survivor Questions Official Story on Boston Fox News

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Dr. Steven Jones - Boston 911 Conference

Full Presentation - 12/15/ - 58 min - May 1, 2008

Chronos Films & Media -

Dr. Steven Jones presents new evidence in the ongoing investigation of the collapse of the WTC Towers at the Boston 9/11 Conference (12/15/07). This is the complete presentation.

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William Rodriguez 9/11 Survivor Questions Official Story on Local Fox News

William Rodriguez, the "Last Man Standing" on 9/11, appeared on Fox News in Boston, MA. He talked about explosions in the basement before the plane hit, as well as secondary explosions occurring. Mr. Rodriguez also takes the time to mention the media blackout in the United States on 9/11 Truth issues.

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9/11 First Responder Support

Please consider helping these dedicated First Responder Foundations (Gear Up Foundation , Fealgood Foundation ) with whatever financial support you can. Our government assured the Fire Fighters, Police and EMT's that the choking cloud of dust and smoke at Ground Zero was safe to breathe. They did not even issue paper masks. Over 70% of the 40,000 have contracted serious respritory illnesses, and hundreds have already died as a direct result. The government that lied to them has now callously ignored and abandoned them.

All donations to these Foundations are 100% tax deductible. ~ Thank You


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