Presentation by Christopher Bollyn, March 21, 2016

Solving 9/11 Exposes The War On Terror

A Presentation By Christopher Bollyn, Investigative Journalist

Bringing Important Points To Light

The truth of 9/11 is out in the open. Everywhere people are waking up to the large number of inconsistencies & contradictions in the story told by the media.

Christopher Bollyn, an independent investigative journalist, with several years of reporting experience in the Middle East and Europe provides an independent analysis of the events of September 11, including a historical and geo-political background and the subsequent for-profit “War on Terror”. Bollyn also examines the motivation of those who played key roles in the destruction of evidence & the obstruction of justice for the families of the victims.

Why Does 9/11 Truth Matter? Why Is It So Important?

9/11 was used to launch destructive wars resulting in the loss of millions of lives including young Americans. The destruction of Iraq gave rise to ISIS and further wars on terror. These wars could have been avoided, had a full investigation been done. Instead, there was a rush to judgment to incriminate the wrong people and to inflict, “Wars of Terror” against several million innocent people. These wars continue to bankrupt the American economy, causing financial hardship for you, your community and your future. It is therefore critical that everyone question the official story. To learn the facts, we encourage you to attend this informative presentation.

Monday, March 21, 2016, 6:30pm
Waltham Library

735 Main St., Waltham, MA. Located on the 70 bus route.
Free event, donation appreciated.
Contact: Chris Gruener (617) 965-6552. chris.gruener@comcast.net
For more info, visit: www.boston911truth.org

Richard Gage, AIA and Founder of AE 911 Truth, Presents His Newest Film At The Watertown Library, Nov 19th, 2015

FlyerIn the 11± seconds it takes to read this sentence, each Twin Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed 1400± feet, at near free fall accelerated speed, going through the resistance of 100,000 tons of structural steel framing, of 2′ x 3′ box columns, with 4 inch thick perimeters at the base, and tapering to ¼ inch thick perimeters at the top, with struts and cross braces in the 47-column core, connecting to 240 more exterior box columns, welded and bolted to steel plates and to columns above and below, all clad in aluminum.

Unknown to most Americans, WTC Building 7, a 47-story skyscraper, not hit by a plane, also fell that day, in less than 7 seconds at free-fall acceleration, meaning that it, too, encountered no resistance from the structural steel, instead accelerating at the same speed of an object through thin air.  Fundamental questions remain regarding the 2004 official NIST report on 911, whose conclusions contradict the basic laws of physics, building science and engineering principles.

On November 19th, Richard Gage, AIA and founder of AE911 Truth will present his newest documentary: “Firefighters, Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths” where he and other experts contrast the 2004 official reports with evidence compiled by AE 9/11 Truth, a non-profit of 2,300 building professionals and related experts. This event, which is part of a 12 city New England Tour, takes place after AE911 Truth’s participation at the Boston Architectural Exposition, at the Boston Convention Center, November 17-19th:



Please tune in to Watertown Cable Access this month to view other  by AE911 Truth.  WCATV will air earlier documentaries on this topic four nights a week throughout the month of November.  They include the highly acclaimed:  “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” and “Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”.  Both films are also available on Youtube.


Photo - Watertown 9.11 Film

What a great event!  Many thanks to all those who showed up and for their and encouragement of our work. The event began with an introduction by Richard Gage, AIA, followed by a one hour version of the film, then a Q&A. Throughout the film, Gage and Eric Lawyer, firefighter, provide compelling evidence to demonstrate major flaws in the official narrative.  This includes forensic evidence, video footage, eyewitness testimony and a compilation of scientific facts that include the collapse of a third, 47 story skyscraper (WTC 7) at freefall acceleration, not hit by a plane, in a manner identical to a controlled demolition.  They also cite several eye-witness reports and footage of explosions in the lower floors of the twin towers, footage and witness accounts of molten steel and the scientific fact that neither jet fuel nor office fires can reach the temperatures required to melt structural steel.  Other evidence provided includes the presence of thermite incendiaries, nanothermite composites and iron microspheres in the pulverized dust.

Eric Lawyer questions why the rubble was shipped immediately, before it could be analyzed, to China and India to be melted as scrap, in violation of evidence preservation rules. In addition, he raises the important point of how a passport could have survived intact when almost everything else was pulverized to dust.

The film includes interviews with members of the 9/11 Commission Report admitting that they themselves doubt the results of the Commissions own investigation, saying they were “set up to fail”, that a full investigation was prevented by lack of time and funds. Only $15 million was allocated for the investigation of the biggest crime in US history when $175 million was given to the Columbia Space Shuttle investigation and $39 million was given to investigating the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  This fact alone raises a very serious question.

After viewing the evidence, the vast majority of those attended agreed that the towers came down as a result of controlled demolition.  9/11 was used to justify highly destructive wars on terror resulting in the loss of 2.5 million lives.  In addition, the government used the event to repeal our Constitutional rights vis-a-vis the exercise of governmental power against the citizens.

It is therefore of vital importance that the truth be made public.  In bringing these facts to the American public, Gage and Lawyer call on all Americans to question the official narrative.   If you come to the same conclusion, we ask that you consider signing the online petition, at the following link, requesting a full, independent investigation.


If the link is not working, you can view it by copying & pasting it into your browser.

Audience Feedback:

“I thought it was outstanding.  Outstanding presentation.  The film of the side-by-side demolition was phenomenal.  How wonderful it is that people are trying to bring the truth out.  I took some fliers for my office and will do what I can to spread the word.”  - Newton resident.

If you missed this important event, the film is available for viewing online at Youtube at this link:


(If the hyperlink does not work, just copy the link into your browser to bring up the video and other important related documentaries on 9/11).

In addition, Watertown Cable Access will start airing the documentary weekly during December.  Thank you for taking the time to investigate this world-changing event.

Photos From AE911Truth’s Booth At The 2015 Boston Architectural Exposition

DSC_0005   DSC_0007

DSC_0022   DSC_0013

Photos from Faire-on-the-Square, Watertown, Sept 26, 2015.

DSC_0179 DSC_0132 DSC_0221  DSC_0124DSC_0211DSC_0139

Photos from our recent community outreach at Faire-on-the-Square, Watertown, MA on Sept 26th, 2015. What a wonderful day! Many locals and visitors to the fair came by to view our poster display, talk with members and learn various new facts about 9/11.  Quite a few were already aware of some of the issues and welcomed the opportunity to learn more.

Full slideshow available here:



Thank you for visiting our site.  We appreciate the efforts of everyone who takes the time to learn the truth about the events that took place on 9/11/2001.

As many of you may already know, the mainstream media did not provide full accurate reporting on those events and instead, provided information that was misleading both in content and omission of important key facts.  In researching the truth about 9/11 we encourage you to check the websites listed in the column to your left, as well as continuing your own research online.  Occasionally people will ask, well if this were true, wouldn’t the media have told us?  The answer to this issue can be found by watching the documentary ‘The Power of Media Deception’ listed below on the second page.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn the truth.

Boston 9/11 Truth

Boston911Truth.org maintains exclusive rights its name.  Any use of its name (Boston911Truth.org) for activities, endorsements or sponsorship must be approved by the domain owner and its affiliated members.  Email: writeto:info@boston911truth.org for further information.


Please View The Following Slideshow For A Series Of Images Illustrating Important Questions Regarding 9/11.


Mass Pike Signs Sept. 11, Newton, Massachusetts

On Sept 11th, 2015, Boston 911 Truth participated in their annual Highway Blogging commemoration event, displaying 20 foot wide banners on four overpasses from Newton Corner to the Walnut St. Bridge.

The signs read as follows:

  • 9/11 Truth Ends Wars of Occupation
  • Did you know a 3rd Building fell on 9/11, Investigate Building 7
  • 9/11 = Controlled Demolitions
  • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Demand a Real Investigation.  End the 9/11 Cover Up.

Update, Saturday, Sept 12th:

What a great response we received Friday from those driving by!  Well over 200 drivers beeped, waved and gave us the thumbs up to show encouragement & appreciation for getting the truth out.  People everywhere are waking up to the truth about 9/11.  It was both encouraging & inspiring for us to receive this positive show of support.  Thank you Boston!  We appreciate it.

Full slideshow available at the following link:




Is the USS New York A Floating Affront to WTC’s Victims & Survivors?


At the link above is a photo of the US Navy ship USS New York.

The Navy says they named this ship in honor of New York City, home of the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center Demolitions of the three skyscrapers WTC #7, at 47 stories, #2 at 110 stories, and #1, also at 110 stories.

But the World Trade Center Demolition Site is also known as  the site of the World’s Most Heinous, Egregious Crime Scene Destruction, Ever, wherein New York City and federal officials authorized the removal of all evidence from the crime scene where 3,000-plus people were murdered before any of the Crime Scene Investigators had a chance to do their job of examining the crime scenes and searching for evidence to determine the culprits.

They were assisted by the NYPD officers who were ordered to guard the operation — to keep investigators (including citizens with cameras) from stopping the round-the-clock criminal evidence removal.

Most of this destroyed evidence was the structural steel that made these towers so strong (that those who designed them stated they were designed to sustain multiple impacts of airlines) — that is, until rigged demolition explosives were set off.  The demolished, twisted, bent and sliced structural steel of course was prime criminal evidence, because anything you blow up captures the imprint/signature/”fingerprints” of the explosives used to do the controlled (or not) blowing up of buildings.

So how was this destruction of evidence accomplished?

It was cut up, carted off, and MELTED DOWN.

Thus was the steel bearing these imprints “wiped” of any “forensic fingerprints” — criminal evidence. The evidence, quite literally, “went up in smoke” — the smoke of the steel furnace cauldrons and crucibles in which the evidence was melted down.

Some seven (7) tons of those “fingerprints” were thus “wiped” by the United States Navy when it had those tons of evidentiary World Trade Center steel melted down and cast into the prow of the USS New York.

Thus does our US Navy, mile after nautical mile, in every one of its quotidian operations afloat, put the proverbial “sharp stick in the eye” of World Trade Center demolition survivors, relatives and poisoned first responders, and residents of New York and New Jersey who breathed the polluted, toxic air said to be safe by Christie Whitman, the then Environmental Protection Agency’s Chief.

This ship is not the “memorial to fallen Americans” the Navy claims it to be. Not at all. It is, instead, a memorial to the criminal obstruction of justice.  Those responsible for this removal of evidence should be impeached for treason and removed from office — if the Constitution is still in effect when you read this.

The bottom line (or plimsoll line, to “preserve” a nautical theme) on the USS New York is this:  It should be forthwith renamed the USS Obstruction of Justice, USS Evidence-Destroyer or USS Floating Crime-Scene Destroyer.  Or USS Constitutional Failure?

 [Key the left- and right-arrows to navigate through the navy’s photo gallery. See what you think.]

How many tons of WTC crime scene evidence was destroyed by the US military for the prow of this ship? One article puts it at 7 (seven) short tons, or 14,000 pounds. How long a column, how big a beam of steel would that be? The web says “7260 steel” weighs 7620 kilo per cubic meter; 7 US tons = 6350 kilos, or 1,500 kg shy of a cubic meter chunk of steel. You could put it in a pickup truck (if it were a “dualie”? Will a pickup haul a 7-ton cube of steel? And because there’s no info that I know of on the source of these 7 tons, we can’t tell if they were beams and trusses, or if columns near the base (4 inch thick walls on 2′ x 3′ box columns near the base of the buildings, tapering to ¼ inch thick walls at the 110th floors of #1 & 2. Then, too, a cubic meter of steel’s not all that petite–8 tons per cubic meter of 7620 steel, one ton over the 7 tons quoted. Like, only 7/8ths of a cubic meter. Check my arithmetic. I may have missed by a couple of magnitudes.)


If “truth in advertising” applied to the Navy, the caption should read: “Seven Or So Tons of Criminal Evidence from the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center demolitions is destroyed by being melted and poured for construction of the prow of the USS New York.”

It’s almost as much an affront to New Yorkers as it would be if Christie Whitman gave autographed face-masks and nano-particle filters to the surviving first Responders now dying as a result of inhaling the highly toxic air–which Whitman declared to be “safe to breathe”–at The Pile and surrounding neighborhood(s). Has Whitman been sued for her lie, directly or as a official government official’s official lie?

More Mileage for 9/11 SuperSign

(4Th of July, 2015, Boston Esplanade):
Hatch Photo 1   Hatch Photo 3

Hatch Photo 2A      Hatch Photo 4

We Meet Up!

Our Next  Meeting:

Wednesday, November 11, at 6:30pm. 

Location:  Watertown.  For directions, please email info@boston911truth.org, or call Jane at (617) 924-6785

Subsequent meetings will be posted at a later date.

Recent Events:

Presentation booth at Watertown Faire-on-the-Square on Sept 26th.

AE911 Truth films broadcasted by Watertown Cable Access TV throughout the month of September.

  • 9/11 Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction.
  • 9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out.

Additional broadcast dates to be posted later.

9/11 Outreach At Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall Photo

Photo taken during outreach at Faneuil Hall, Boston, Saturday, July 11th, 3pm to 9pm.