December 06, 2018

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1) / link tree website/save 911 truth videos here

My answers were viewed by over 970,000 people on before I was banned in June of 2017. They don’t tell you why they ban you, but the effort there its still worth the trouble. Most of my answers address 9/11 truth and the Global War On Terror. Viewers on quora are mainly non choir. As of June 2016 I was viewed by about 1500 people a day. Most truthers who are better writers than me and more knowledgeable than me reach trivial numbers of nonchoir because they don’t use Quora actually defends civility and bounces uncivil people. I got thanked every week by quora for reporting nasty debunkers. I am making lots of Muslim friends. LINK TREE- I have a list of over 400 links to bring forth for various truth relevant topics. We could set up a website where various links to writings or videos are listed and evaluated so others can better participate reaching out to non choir on and elsewhere.This is also where we can save videos with level of quality, category, and reviews . Reviews mean we don’t have to censor anything

2) leafletting

Goal: build regular leafletting of business cards with this URL at colleges to encourage students to privately query their professors on the elementary physics of 9/11. I gave out 1000 cards for a more advanced version at Northwestern U in 2016, and we got 40,000 hits in 10 days. I used the line” Disagreement about Newton’s laws” at Northwestern. I’ll bet 50% of all community college students know there is not supposed to be disagreement about Newton’s laws. Those laws came forth 100 years before the Us Constitution.

3) bannering at MLK day events

Goal: urge those who respect MLK to face the evidence that the feds killed him, thus making the case that the feds are hardly not evil enough to do 9/11.

4), Bannering at media outlets and journalism schools

Goal: appeal to integrity of journalists and journalism students. Barry Jennings was rescued from WTC7 that morning saving the life of the corporation counsel for the city of NY. His story is the most significant human interest story that shows controlled demolition.

5) Nobel laureates/ alumni (Possibly AE911Truth related)

Delineate which laureates are still alive. Find alumni of relevant colleges where these laureates teach or taught who can put valuable arguments like AE’s Beyond Misinformation in their hands. If AE won’t help, we could use reddit.

6) MacArthur Genius Panel

In December MacArthur Genius Award winner and AE petition signer Richard Stallman had an associate reach out to me to see if I wanted to set up a talk by him. He is the leader of the free software movement with 15 honorary degrees all from countries outside the US. He’s a Harvard/MIT grad and lives in Boston. Boston 9/11 truth reserved a room. When I got back to Stallman I raised the possibility that he could stand publicly for both 9/11 AND free software so the truthers would hear about free software and the free software folks could hear about 9/11 truth. He responded that he only took the position that there should be a real investigation and he came to that position 10 years ago. He added he doesn’t remember the details surrounding that decision. I asked if I could remain in dialog with him. He agreed. At first I wanted to urge him to make the case to Richard Gage that AE should do the Nobel idea mentioned above. Then I reconsidered. A similar idea which could appeal to Stallman is to see if he could help us pull together a discussion among other MacArthur Award winners to address the problem that it is RARE for Americans to be able to hold a civil conversation about 9/11. I assert we don’t deserve to live in freedom because that conversation is so rarely found in a civil tone. It would NOT be important for any of the genius award winners to know exactly where they stand. It might even be good if some participants show some support for the OCT. Let’s kick this idea around a bit before I get back to Stallman. One corollary I’ve developed is to discuss one piece of evidence at a time with people who are adversarial so that no one need expect they would necessarily change their whole opinion on the basis of one piece of evidence. Recently I’ve had debunkers do a good job on the issue of whether the US set up al-Queda and whether there were hijackers on the planes.

7) Pritzger prize (AE911Truth related)

Top architecture prize in the world. Have Jorn Utzon, son of the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House, mail Beyond Misinformation copies to every living Pritzger winner. They will open it!

8) AIA convention 3 new proposals for AE911Truth

In addition to the regular yearly AE proposal also submit a second motion to allow Richard Gage to give a workshop the following year, a third proposal to let AE to have a booth at next year’s national convention (they were prevented having a booth in 2017), and a fourth proposal to have voting on next year’s motions be held the last day rather than first day of the following year’s convention ( 2017 the vote was the first day). These would not only pass sooner, but would increase AE support quicker.

9) Chomsky/ Goodman petition

Chomsky was a major factor in radicalizing me during my undergrad years at MIT. I’ve met with him several times in recent years about 9/11. Those who oppose Islamaphobia too often resist discussion of evidence that since the planes did not bring down the towers, Muslims would not be the primary 911 culprits. A respectful petition by Muslims around the world to Chomsky/Goodman should, when signed by enough people, make a difference in drawing the left gate keepers out. Another petition from western academics and activists would be of value. Originally I called it Now I think we should point it at Noam and Amy. Noam was born in 1928. Amy was born in 1957.

10) Get videos on dozens of cable access channels

We had an AE cable access team that got videos on dozens of cable access channels. We should reinstitute that whether or not AE supports it. There was no reason to shut it down.

11) Tabling at national conventions of science teachers

Tabling at national conventions of science teachers has tremendous potential because the issues can be understood at a high school level.”the top of a building can’t crush the bottom of a building without slowing down.

12) Tabling at national conventions social studies teachers

Tabling at national conventions social studies teachers - not to mention getting our foot in the door with the people who determine the topic nationally for debate teams each year