PAPA Reveals Building 7 Collapse to Thousands of Fire Professionals at Boston NFPA Convention

Fire Dept Captain Raul Angulo, Richard Gage, and Erik Lawyer of Protecting All Protectors Alliance with Boston 9/11 Volunteers Educate National Fire Protection Association Members

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RichardGage911 - Architect
Jun 13

The incredible volunteers at Boston911 made it all possible. They just want to get it done! They never stop. And they don’t show any signs of doing so. For almost 20 years they have been brainstorming, speaking, tabling, and moving mountains in order to educate their fellow New Englanders.

Well… they discovered in April that the annual convention of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) was happening—on their turf, and they weren’t going to miss the opportunity this time to teach thousands about the “Salomon Brothers Building” that collapsed mysteriously, in 7-seconds - due to a “fire-induced progressive collapse” according to NIST - the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

So they reached deep into their rank and file and funded an evidence booth ($$$$) at the convention. We haven’t done this since our outreach at the American Institute of Architects conventions—in which the AIA ultimately denied our access.

The Problem:

You see, the big problem is that the NFPA publishes the very standards, specifically NFPA 1700, for fighting fires in buildings like this, and guess what?! They send firefighters up into these buildings routinely to fight high-rise fires without concern of them collapsing on top of them! Hello?! Does anyone see a problem here?! The NFPA has completely ignored the Salomon Brothers building (yes—WTC 7—Shhhh!) Final Report by NIST since it was published in 2008—as if it never happened!

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Along comes Captain Raul Angulo, 38 year veteran of the Seattle Fire Department, who has written the book, stamped by the NFPA, “Engine Company Fireground Operations” which uses the NFPA (and NIST) standards.

Engine Company Fireground operations

Captain Angulo’s book documents the best practices for fire fighting in burning structures. The book contradicts the NIST report which claims that fire-induced structural failure caused a progressive collapse of WTC 7,

The NIST Report on Building 7 presented a huge problem for him, and the NFPA. Because if the conclusions in the Report are true, then the book which he authored for the NFPA must be fundamentally re-written. Firefighters lives along with the public are now at risk if fires can now bring down buildings due to a few hours of normal office fires—right on top of them as they are charging up the stairs with fire hoses to set forward staging operations 2 floors below the fire, and command centers on the ground floor.

Also, the current policy is to require the building occupants below the floors on fire to “defend in place” (wait in their offices), because the firefighters need the exit stairways to get to the fire!...MORE

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