Call Congress to Support Net Neutrality

 There’s only a day left to act to preserve Net Neutrality. The FCC is poised to kill it on Thursday.

“Sustaining Net Neutrality is essential to all our efforts at moving forward on multiple fronts of progressive change!” writes Boston 9/11 Truth co-founder Chris Gruener.

Here’s how to make your voice heard.

The URL for a site that shows how to be involved at this late moment is (copy and paste into your browser). Suggestions include telephoning your two U.S. senators’ and your U.S. representative’s Washington offices. See the post below for Sen. Markey’s and Sen. Warren’s numbers, and find the rep’s number online.

If you go that route, best educate yourself and write a short script to prepare for a good short conversation with the staffer who picks up the phone. (They like these calls.) The three calls shouldn’t take more than four or five minutes all together.


Thank you.