for Boston911truth at the Patriots Day re enactment on the Lexington common, Lexington MA.

Our own John Hancock handing out 911 truth literature for Boston911truth

Dr. Daniele Ganser: How NATO changed from the Cold War to 9/11

When was NATO founded? Is it a defensive or an offensive military alliance? How did NATO change from the Cold War to 9/11? Why did the third tower WTC7 fall on 9/11? Is it true, that the US has always dominated NATO? These and other questions were raised in the 60 minutes talk between Swiss historian Daniele Ganser and US-Journalist Kristina Borjesson which took place on 24. January 2022.

Firefighters Presentation hosted by Colorado 9/11 Truth, June 14, 2020

George Galloway hosted the Lawyers' Committee Litigation Director Mick Harrison, Esq. on his MOATS Worldwide Show January 1, 2023