Send in the 9/11 Truth Dream Team Along With the Protecting All Protectors Evidence Booth - Just $3,100 to Raise!

Yup! The 9/11 Truth Movement is betting on YOU in Las Vegas! We at Protecting All Protectors Alliance (PAPA) are ready to teach the firefighters - again! Help us to WIN BIG in Vegas! Our outreach efforts at last year’s National Fire Protection Association convention (NFPA) was a HUGE success in Boston, MA — all thanks to Boston911 which funded the Building 7 evidence booth and brought Seattle firefighters Erik Lawyer, Captain Raul Angulo, as well as RichardGage911 to speak to 1,000 firefighters, NFPA officials, and fire protection engineers!

We alerted them to the HUGE problem that the WTC Building 7 NIST report presents for them: “If NIST is correct, and high rises can now come down in 7 seconds due to normal office fires, then why are we still sending our firefighters up into high rises with much larger fires?!” The NIST results should have changed everything for High Rise Fire Operations, Safety and Construction. They didn’t. No structural codes were changed. Let’s not gamble with the lives of our firefighters and the occupants of these buildings! 300 officials, firefighters and engineers signed up to learn more and received an invitation to watch the new film Calling Out Bravo 7!