We did it in Boston. Now we’ve done it in Las Vegas:

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This was our second year of bringing three days of “the worst structural failure in modern history”—the “Solomon Brothers Building”, to the heart of the Fire Protection Industry. The dark truth of Building 7 has been used to bring light to several hundred fire protection engineers, fire fighters, fire officials, and other fire industry professionals.
During the 10 hours that we operated our WTC 7 evidence booth, at least a thousand passed in front of the booth, watching Building 7 drop suddenly symmetrically into it’s own footprint, in under 7 seconds. At least 500 stopped (or were stopped by the more aggressive among us) to enquire about the remarkable video on the TV monitor. And 283 signed up for our email list—anticipating the free video Calling Out Bravo 7 made by firefighters, for firefighters.